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Havasupai, The Wave and Canyon de Chelly are three popular sites that are sometimes inaccessible…

For those who can’t get an authorization or aren’t physically fit enough to access Havasupai Falls, there’s another natural site that’s just as fascinating: Aravaipa Canyon. Halfway between Phoenix and Tucson, Aravaipa Canyon is a wild, isolated and unspoilt paradise of great beauty. 50 permits are issued daily. Availability online.

The Wave, an exceptional rock formation in Vermilion Cliffs National Monument Park, requires a good dose of luck… But we have the perfect alternative: Coal Mine Canyon! Located on the edge of the Painted Desert, between the Navajo and Hopi territories, these multi-coloured sandstone formations also require a permit, but this authorization is easier to obtain at the Navajo Parks & Recreation Office in Cameron, or online.

Located in Navajo territory, Canyon de Chelly can only be accessible with a local guide. If no guide is available, it’s possible to take the road along the canyon’s north rim to Antelope House Overlook, where you’ll find the ruins of Antelope House, as well as other hidden relics in Black Rock Canyon.

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