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With Love2travel USA, offer to your customers an unforgettable road trip through the Great American West at the wheel of an electric vehicle, combining comfort and respect for the environment. This unique experience is the perfect opportunity for those looking to explore breathtaking landscapes, from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon, from Los Angeles to San Francisco via the lush valleys of Napa Valley and the golden beaches of the Californian coast.

In the comfort of a state-of-the-art electric vehicle, your customers will discover the immensity of the Mojave Desert, marvel at the stone giants of Monument Valley, and feel the adrenalin as they drive along the legendary Route 66. Each itinerary, carefully crafted by Love2travel USA, is matched by eco-responsible accommodation, guaranteeing an original stay and optimum comfort, while minimizing environmental impact.

This trip is more than just a getaway, it’s an eco-conscious adventure. By offering this tailor-made trip, you’ll be meeting the expectations of eco-conscious travelers, while providing them with a truly exceptional road trip. They’ll be able to immerse themselves in American culture and local flavors, and enjoy unforgettable experiences in the heart of the Great West.

Contact: Love2travel USA, Philippe Lesel, E-Mail :  p.lesel@love2travel-usa.fr