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Super Nintendo World will be one of the worlds in Universal Epic Universe theme park. This world will combine iconic Nintendo characters with innovative experiences.  

Inside Super Nintendo World, visitors will be able to explore two realms:  

-Super Mario Land, where visitors will be invited to join the Mario team and take on Bowser in the Mario Kart experience. They will also be able to enter Yoshi’s Adventure, where they’ll join the Yoshis and travel through the Mushroom Kingdom in search of glowing eggs. At the Toadstool Cafe, guests will enjoy a variety of tasty dishes inspired by the Super Mario universe. 

-Donkey Kong Country will allow visitors to experience thrills with the Kong family through the lush tropical landscape of the video game series: enjoy the madness of the mine cart as they traverse the jungle to help Donkey and Diddy Kong protect the golden banana.  

And that’s not all: visitors will be able to purchase a Power-Up Band, a wrist-worn accessory that will enable them to improve their game and try to unlock an exclusive confrontation with Bowser Jr. Click here for more information on Universal Epic Universe  

Contact: website: www.UniversalStudiosHollywood.com, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.