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Pipeline: The Surf Coaster launching soon at SeaWorld Orlando

Next year, guests at SeaWorld Orlando can look forward to a world innovation: “Pipeline: The Surf Coaster” will send passengers standing up on a surfboard car at over 95 km/h through several curves, turns and a total of five « airtime » elements, in which adrenaline fans will experience the feeling of zero gravity. Thanks to an inventive harness that keeps you secure the “seats” will rise and fall dynamically during the ride while you ride the waves to provide a genuine surfing feeling on the almost 900-metre-long track.

Flying high at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay with Serengeti Flyer

In 2023, « Serengeti Flyer » at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay will carry passengers way up into the air. The « Screamin’ Swing » has two pendulum arms, each of which can accommodate 20 adrenaline fans. By swinging back and forth several times, they soar up to a height of over 40 meters and reach a top speed of 110 km/h, which will make « Serengeti Flyer » the highest and at the same time fastest attraction of its kind. The unusual perspective also offers fantastic views of the park’s animal inhabitants and their enclosures – if you can keep your eyes open§

Contact: SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, c/o noble kommunikation GmbH, Norbert Simon, SeaWorldParks@noblekom.de