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This season, PortMiami has already hosted or will host the inaugural visits of 8 ships from eight different cruise companies, setting new records in the « World Cruise Capital« .

These cruise ships make inaugural visits from PortMiami’s home port this winter to the port of South Florida.

3 of these ships have already stopped in Miami in October, November was equally exciting with the arrival of 3 other ships.

In December, another cruise ship added PortMiami to its list of ports visited and began a series of cruises offering destinations such as the Cayman Islands, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and many more.

Finally, the biggest launch will be with the world’s largest cruise ship, Royal Caribbean’s Icon of the Seas on January 27, 2024. An inaugural journey that impatient cruise passengers have been waiting for months…

Each of these ships brings a new wind to PortMiami’s offerings, whether cruise passengers are looking for the ultimate in luxury, exciting adventures, elegant amenities, exotic stopovers or simply fun.

Trade Contact: Article Onze Tourisme, Miami representative in France, Emails: ccazin@articleonze.com and jaubry@articleonze.com

Press Contact: Aqa Consulting, Miami representative in France, Sarah Gomez, Email: miami@aqa-consulting.eu

Cruise Ships at PortMiami (Photo Credit: Dennis MacDonald)