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Detroit is home to several museums that celebrate the rich and diverse history of its music, starting with the best known: the Motown Museum, dedicated to the history of Motown, the music label that produced legendary artists such as Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder.

There is also the Techno Museum, devoted to the history of electronic music which was born in Detroit in 1984.

The Electric Guitar Museum is also worth visiting: in addition to its collection, it houses an intimate concert hall where local and international artists perform regularly.

The Detroit Jazz Museum is dedicated to the history of jazz and African American music in the region. It features interactive exhibits, historical artifacts, musical instruments, and recordings of legendary performances.

Finally, the Detroit Music Museum celebrates the city’s rich musical history, showcasing the artists, bands and musical genres that have shaped the city’s music scene. The museum features interactive exhibits, live performances, stage costumes and audiovisual recordings.

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