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The Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau (GMCVB), inspired by the vibrant culture, art, music and diversity of Miami and Miami Beach neighbourhoods, unveils their new multimedia marketing campaigns FIND YOUR MIAMI and MIAMI BEACH – FIND YOUR WAVE, to explore the diverse and hidden gems of Greater Miami and Miami Beach.

Instead of trying to describe the indescribable, this campaign relies on a creative fusion of unique words to capture the essence of Miami.

Miami Beach, with its white sandy beaches and its inimitable seaside atmosphere, is a destination in itself.

The GMCVB also designed the Miami Beach – FIND YOUR WAVEcampaign to highlight the unique recreational aspects of this destination while showcasing the Miami Beach Convention Center.

This strategy is part of an ambitious vision to position Miami and Miami Beach as destinations of choice for travellers around the world. Through a marketing and advertising campaign rich in creativity and diversity, the GMCVB hopes to inspire and invite the world to discover the authentic essence of these Florida gems.

Trade contact: Article Onze Tourisme, Miami representative in France for the Trade, Emails: ccazin@articleonze.com and jaubry@articleonze.com

Press contact: Aqa Consulting, Miami representative in France for the Press, Sarah Gomez, Email: miami@aqa-consulting.eu