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The International Dark Sky Association (IDA) is an organization of experts that promotes initiatives to protect the night sky. Sixteen geographical areas around the world (mostly in Europe) have received the label « Dark night sky ».

Only one area is in the United States and that is in Idaho! Idaho’s unique geography offers hundreds of awe-inspiring scenes that make you dream, and the views don’t stop at sunset.

The 3 areas for optimal observation are:

– The Reserve: Central Idaho

– Community: Ketchum, Idaho

– Park: Craters of the Moon National Monument & Preserve

Idaho’s starry skies can also be enjoyed outside of these designated areas, whether you’re camping or just enjoying a nighttime stroll away from the city lights.

Contact: Rep & Co, Great American West Representative in France, Emmanuelle Massieu, Email: emmanuelle@repandco-France.com, Website: www.greatamericanwest.fr