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Travel Oregon has created several short itineraries focused on relaxation and well-being.

Wellness Retreat” itineraries have been made to revitalize in Oregon’s natural spaces. During the “Wellness Retreat: Rest & Recharge”, people will eat nourishing local bounty, rest and recharge in Portland, the Oregon Coast and the Willamette Valley, and return home from this wellness retreat feeling refreshed and rejuvenated! The “Wellness Retreat: Nature and Food Trails” itinerary combines outdoor activities and culinary discoveries.

One of the Oregon’s most distinctive features is its hot springs. Thanks to the “Hot Springs” itineraries, travelers will explore these steaming pools. The « Hot Springs: Cascadian Explorer » is perfect for families or couples: this 6-day road trip crisscrosses the Cascade Mountain Range hitting all hot spring highlights. For adventure seekers looking to get off-the-grid and connect with nature, the “Hot Springs: Off the Grid Adventurer” is ideal.

Finally, during the “Small Towns of Oregon” itineraries, travelers will visit the charming small towns of Oregon. On the “Small Towns of Oregon – Journey through Time” road-trip, they will experience three of Oregon’s natural wonders coupled with overnight stays in the wine-centric communities and rodeo towns. To discover the gastronomic, oenological and historical culture of Oregon, go for “Small Towns of Oregon – Culinary, Wine and History”!

Contact: Rep & Co, Oregon Representative in France, Olivier Barthez, Email: olivier@repandco-france.com