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Oregon is best known for its 584km of rugged Pacific coastline, its vast pine forests, the volcanic Cascade mountain range and its vibrant, trendy cities like Portland. However, this American Northwest state also offers a rich and authentic « cowboy » culture with numerous cattle ranches, the 3rd largest professional rodeo in the country in Pendleton, and typical Wild West landscapes. Oregon has dozens of ranches where visitors can stay and, if they wish, participate in the life and activities of the farm.

For a humane experience, Wilson Ranches Retreat in Fossil offers cozy rooms, family meals and horseback riding through breathtaking sceneries.

Looking for a remote, self-sufficient ranch? Steens Mountains Guest Ranch will make you happy with its small cabins and the nearby Alvord Desert.

For the more discerning, Oregon also has several luxury ranches such as Brasada Ranch near the Cascade Range, with gourmet dining, spa and golf course.

Choose your Oregon ranch life!

Contact: Rep and Co, Oregon Representative in France, Olivier Barthez, Email: olivier@repandco-france.com, www.traveloregon.com