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The Seattle Aquarium’s new « Ocean Pavilion » – scheduled to open in summer 2024 – will feature tropical species from the Indo-Pacific Coral Triangle.

In parallel with the ongoing redevelopment of the waterfront, the Ocean Pavilion will link Pike Place Market to the waterfront promenade via publicly accessible observation decks and staircases, while a bull’s-eye will allow passers-by to observe marine life.

Thanks to its next-generation sustainable design, the Ocean Pavilion is set to become a national model for regenerative building standards in terms of climate impact, energy and water use. The Ocean Pavilion represents the first stage in the transformation of the Seattle Aquarium and will enable the greatest number of people to discover new corners of the ocean and the underwater world. Visitors will be able to observe the biodiversity of a reef ecosystem in the Coral Triangle – coming face to face with sharks, rays, schooling fish, mangroves, seagrass beds and almost 30 species of coral.

Contact : B World Communication, Visit Seattle representative in France, Nelly Gaulier, E-mail : nelly@bworldcom.com