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Seattle has a rich cultural past that can be discovered through its museums, traditional events, and heritage sites. The varied cultural influences have left an imprint on the spirit of the city, which continues to evolve through its multi-ethnic mix.

For some time now, there has been a renaissance of indigenous communities, based on the renewal of traditions, bringing a new energy to Seattle that its visitors will appreciate discovering: visitors can contemplate traditional and contemporary Native American works at the Burke Museum and the Seattle Art Museum, and through various public art installations throughout the region, including outside the Seattle Convention Center.

The Duwamish Longhouse and Cultural Center, a cedar post-and-beam structure opened in 2009, showcases the first tribal longhouse built in Seattle. Regional tribal cultural facilities include the Suquamish Museum and the Tulalip Tribes’ Hibulb Cultural Center.

Traditional events such as the Seafair Indian Days Pow Wow (July), the Canoe Journey (July and August) and Chief Seattle Days (August) celebrate the resilience of native cultures. Seattle is not only a modern, dynamic city, but also one with a cultural heritage well worth a visit!

Contact: B World Communication, Seattle representative in France, Nelly Gaulier, E-mail: nelly@bworldcom.com