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Mall of America opened space at MOA called Community Commons in an effort to help business impacted by the civil unrest that took place throughout Minneapolis/St. Paul in the spring of 2020.

The donated space features 17 independent shops whose stores were affected, and provide a temporary haven for these businesses to “set up shop” and resume operations while they work to rebuild their original spaces.

The Community Commons initiative was one of hope and opportunity as MOA joined efforts to help rebuild hearts, minds and livelihoods of the diverse retail community. In addition to the businesses within Community Commons, Juxtasposition Arts, a teen-staffed art design center, gallery, retail shop, and artists’ studio space in North Minneapolis, was commissioned for artwork within the space.

Contact: Mall of America, Bodil Forsling, Email: bodil.forsling@moa.net, Website: https://www.mallofamerica.com