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In order to meet the needs of travellers, AVA launches the GOBYAVA app, a tool allowing policyholders to view their contracts, declare a claim and ensure the extension of their stay in one click.

With GOBYAVA, users can quickly access all of the contractual documentation, as well as download their insurance certificate with the COVID mention.

This tool also integrates functionalities related to claims management such as the declaration of a claim and the sending of supporting documents via the smartphone and real-time monitoring of the file processing.

For those who wish to extend their stay, the application allows you to subscribe a new contract from abroad simply by indicating a new return date.

GObyAVA is also a platform for sharing useful information from different countries, including addresses of our care network for the Plan Santé contracts, and a source of advice on different travel styles.

Available in French and English, the application can be downloaded on iOS and Android.

Contact : AVA, Marilia Silvestre, Email : marilia.silvestre@ava.fr