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The history of country music in Arkansas is inseparable from that of Johnny Cash, one of America’s most recognized music icons, celebrated more than anywhere else in his hometown of Dyess.

Being born and raised in the Upper Delta bordered by the mighty Mississippi River, the roots of Johnny Cash’s music go back to the Historic Dyess Colony story, when the Cash family came to settle in 1935 during the Great Depression. The Johnny Cash Boyhood Home can be visited in combination with the Southern Tenant Farmers Museum, located minutes away in Tyronza. It enhances knowledge and understanding of tenant farming and agricultural labor movements in the Mississippi River Delta at the time. Every year in Dyess, the Arkansas Roots Music Festival celebrates the spirit of Johnny Cash and Arkansas’ love for music.

Mark your calendar for April 6, 2024! After only a 15-minute drive, spend the rest of the day in the charming town of Wilson, nestled along the Blues Highway. The Louis Hotel invites visitors to a chic, comfortable and intuitive experience in the South while The Grange at Wilson Gardens provides a flavorful and sweet experience for an unforgettable dinner.

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Credit: Tourism Arkansas