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For Christmas, Fantrippers spoils you with two beautiful books dedicated to cinema and music to explore the unknown anecdotes of the greatest movies and artists of all times.

With the « Cult » books coming out on October 26th, dive into the heart of your favorite movies and musicians!

Forrest Gump filming locations : Cross the United States through the magnificent story of Forrest by discovering the film locations of this cult movie

The Simpson’s house really exists : Immerse yourself in the world of the Simpsons with the story of their house that was built identically in Nevada

Jurassic Park filming locations in Hawaii : Visit an amusement park like no other and go to the film locations of this dinosaur-themed movie

Into the Wild bus moved to the Alaska : Following the success of the book and the movie, the authorities of the country decided to move this mythical bus to an unknown area…

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