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Family owned. Locally sourced. Community treasured. These are the shops, restaurants, spas, attractions and businesses that make Greater Palm Springs.

From old eateries serving family recipes to the local coffee shop roasting their own beans to the yoga studio on a downtown rooftop, their stories capture the destination’s unique set of experiences.

That’s why « Love local » is more than a call to action—it’s a movement that inspires residents and visitors to support Greater Palm Springs community of restaurateurs, shop keepers, artists and makers, to discover all the unique gems that set the destination apart. To shop, dine, hike, play, gift and love local. 

Here are a few ways to support local businesses while in Greater Palm Springs:

  • Buy gift cards or gift certificates, even if you plan on using them later
  • Order takeout, delivery or curbside pickup from local restaurants, which are currently closed to indoor and outdoor dining
  • Purchase locally made goods or shop independently owned businesses

Contact: Greater Palm Springs, Gary Orfield, Email: gorfield@gpscvb.com