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San Francisco has just been named “best city in the world” by Time Out Magazine. This is a new award to be proud of for the multifaceted Californian city. Find out why Time Out was seduced and what makes San Francisco so unique.

– With its compact size, San Francisco is a very walkable city.

– Protected by its bay, San Francisco offers mild weather year-round.

– San Francisco takes pride in being a city of multiculturalism and freedom, has always been involved in major society issues and aims to get things improved.

– With nature all around, visitors going to San Francisco are guaranteed inspiring scenery.

– San Francisco is an incredibly diverse city, that’s reflected in its cuisine, with unbeatable dining options.

– San Francisco is a city of imagination, and art is everywhere, from carefully curated museums to colorful murals, unmistakable architecture, and beautiful landscape.

Contact: B World Communication, Representation of San Francisco in France, Barbara Boltoukhine, Email: barbara@bworldcom.com