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Los Angeles Off Road’s mission is to share the California way of life with French visitors. This is why a new offer was created. French travelers will have the opportunity to take a personalized surf initiation course in French, with a French professional instructor settled in Los Angeles for many years.

Venice Beach is a popular spot for surfers, but it is very suitable for beginners. The initiation begins with a quick theoretical course on the sand and pictures in surf suit before diving into the Pacific Ocean for the first sensations!

The Los Angeles Off Road team of French-speaking guides offer other tours such as the discovery of the revival of Downtown L.A., the very exotic Little Tokyo area or the gentrification of the Art District. Sports enthusiasts can also have the pleasure of getting closer to the mythical Hollywood Sign on a hike to the top.

Surf course duration 1h30
Surf and surf suit included
In private: starting at $80/person for a group of 4


Trade Contact: Destinations Off Road, Elise Goujon, Email: elise@newyorkoffroad.com
Press Contact: Unique Consulting, Nelly Venturini, Email: nelly@uniqueconsulting.fr