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Everybody has dreamt of having the same object as their favorite character. Make your dreams come true with this listing made by Fantrippers.
1- Norbert Dragonneau’s scarf in Fantastic Beasts, in the colors of Hufflepuff, his Hogwarts house.
2- The Eye of Agamotto in Doctor Strange. Powerful artifact, it will bring you luck.
3- Jurassic Park tee-shirt, so cool, vintage and pop!
4- Cast Away’s volleyball can become the best friend of your life, like Wilson for Chuck (Tom Hanks).
5- The One Ring from The Lord of the Rings is a nice object to wear as pendant or around your finger! My precious…
6- The spinning top in Inception. Do you think you are dreaming? This spinning top will help you know the truth.
7- Harry Potter’s glasses never leave him. If you break them, an Oculus Reparo won’t be enough.
8- Spider-Man’s web-shooter is perfect to get your friends webbed.
9- Ghostbusters’ sticker. Who you gonna call?
10- The music box from Amélie Poulain. Waltz at the pace of this famous song.
You can find these objects in their guides and especially in the NYC one, to reenact your favorite movies shot in the US!

Contact: Fantrippers, Damien Salle, Email: contact@fantrippers.com