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Music runs in the veins of all the people living in the Arkansas Delta along the Mississippi River. As the undisputed capital of Blues since the early 1930s, Helena-West Helena boasts the oldest radio show in the country called « King Biscuit Time » which gave its name to the « King Biscuit Blues Festival« , one of main Blues music events in the United States. The city of Dyess, located along Sunken Lands Cultural Roadway, is famous for being home to Johnny Cash Boyhood Home, the American music icon’s childhood home. A tribute is paid to him every year in October during the Johnny Cash Heritage Festival by many artists coming to celebrate his music. Everywhere across the State music resonates with the sound of the Blues, including that of the myth B.B. King who scoured the « Juke Joints » of Arkansas before glory hit in West Memphis. In the Ozark Mountains region, Folk Music lovers will want to stop in Mountain View where local musical traditions are jealously preserved and where the Arkansas Folk Festival takes place every year to highlight the local cultural heritage.

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