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The Great American West is home to:

  • The world’s first national park – Yellowstone National Park (1872)
  • The nation’s first national monument – Devils Tower National Monument (1906)
  • The longest free-flowing (undammed) river in the contiguous United States – the Yellowstone River
  • The largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi River – Flathead Lake
  • Yogo Sapphires (Montana) are considered to be among the finest sapphires in the world.
  • North America’s tallest single structured sand dune – Bruneau Dunes State Park
  • America’s first recognized ski resort – Sun Valley
  • The deepest gorge in America – Hells Canyon
  • The nation’s first International Dark Sky Reserve – the Central Idaho Dark Sky Reserve.
  • 163 State Parks
  • The largest concentration of Columbian and woolly mammoth bones discovered in their primary context in the world – The Mammoth Site of Hot Springs
  • The “World’s Largest Buffalo” found in Jamestown, North Dakota.
  • Two geographical centers: 1. The geographical center of North America is in Rugby, North Dakota; 2. The geographical center of the U.S. is in Belle Fourche, South Dakota

Contact: Rep & Co, Great American West Representative in France, Emmanuelle Blondin, Email: emmanuelle@repandco-France.com, Website: www.greatamericanwest.fr