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Located not far from the shore, on Long Island in the State of New York, the town of Eastport is now home to a supermarket famous for hosting the characters of « Later« , the fantasy novel by Stephen King. A seemingly innocuous place, where Jamie, the main character, a little boy who can talk to the dead, will save many lives.

The story of Jamie Conklin begins far from Stephen King’s native Maine, on Park Avenue in New York. The story then meanders through the streets of Manhattan before taking off. When Jamie is asked by a policewoman to find the location of a bomb planted by a terrorist, Stephen King chooses to venture to Long Island and more precisely to Eastport.

Using his supernatural powers, Jamie discovers that the bomber has booby-trapped the King Kullen, a supermarket well known to the locals. A real place to shop and dine, popular for being part of the first supermarket chain in U.S. history.

The King Kullen supermarket also offers a catering service that is very popular with locals.

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