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The West Rim offers a unique opportunity for guests to explore the Grand Canyon by air and by land. Guests begin the adventure by flying via helicopter below the rim of the Canyon where they will land and board pontoons to experience the wonders of the Grand Canyon from the calm waters of the Colorado River.

“We are proud to have the opportunity to relaunch our exclusive relationship with Grand Canyon West, allowing our shared guests to experience the Grand Canyon from above and below the rim. We continue to move forward in these challenging times, while ensuring the highest levels of safety for our guests, our employees and the local communities we serve,” says Brenda Halvorson, chief executive officer, Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters

The Helicopter-Pontoon tour is available every day and departs from the Grand Canyon West Airport in Peach Springs, Arizona. Pricing per person begins at $199 and includes a round-trip helicopter flight and a 15-minute pontoon boat ride. Guests can also book a package price with park entry from Papillon.com.

Contact: Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters, Kidist Grznar, Email: kidist.grznar@papillon.com