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Ever since UNESCO named Tucson its first American  World City of Gastronomy, tourists have flocked down south to experience its culinary creativity.

Every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday afternoon, the Taste of Tucson Downtown Culinary Tour backs up the city’s claim to gastronomic fame with stops at five local eateries such as Caffé Milano, Maynards Market, and Agustin Kitchen.

The four-hour excursion is like a pub crawl on steroids — or rather, foie gras and truffle fries — threatening to shipwreck your diet in no time.


Contact: Express Conseil, Arizona Representative in France, Timothé Raimbault, Email: t.raimbault@ecltd.com

Contact in Tucson: Jalyssa Gasmen, Email: jgasmen@visittucson.org