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The iconic NYC landmark has been completely revamped.

A brand-new observatory has opened on the 102nd floor. Made of huge glass walls, it offers visitors a 360° higher view over New York. The elevator that leads to it, is itself an authentic experience!

The 86th’, the must-see outdoor observatory, has also been renovated.

As for the 2ᵉ floor, it now allows visitors to learn more about the Empire State Building and its history through multiple interactive experiences: visitors will be able to meet King Kong and the incredible workers who built the skyscraper, but also dive into the day of the Empire’s inauguration thanks to magic binoculars…

Please note: it is now required to book a time visit online or onsite via the available kiosks.

New packages are available, such as the Day/Evening Ticket, which allows to visit the Empire State twice in one day, or the All-Access Tour, which includes a private guided tour and access to the Empire State VIP Lounge.

Contact: Unique Consulting, Representation of Empire State Building in France, Nelly Venturini, Email: nelly@uniqueconsulting.fr