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We invite all travel professionals and travelers to visit the CDC and State Department websites for full details of the October 25, 2021 announcement about the reopening of the US borders.

A summary of these entry conditions is presented here: https://www.office-tourisme-usa.com/preparez-votre-voyage/formalites-dentree/

Information is updated daily and to this day, these measures are still valid.

On the other hand, since December 1, 2021, the French Government is asking all travelers coming from a country outside the EU to present a negative test less than 48 hours, whether these travelers are vaccinated or not. We therefore invite all French travelers to get tested before their return flight to France and to find out about screening centers at destination. This information can be obtained from local tourist offices in the US, hotels or even from town halls and consulates.

Some information about screening tests:

– NEW YORK: Free testing tents throughout the city

City official website: www.NYCGO.com/coronavirus

– CALIFORNIA: Testing centers everywhere, including airports:

Los Angeles Airport

San Francisco Airport

– SAN FRANCISCO: Here is the list of testing centers.

For free tests, select « No Insurance Required », and make sure that « eligibility » stipulates « everyone ». Most do not require prior appointment.

– MIAMI: COVID-19 testing continues to be free, except when requested for a rapid-result test. Tests are also being done at the airport.

More information at https://www.miamidade.gov/global/initiatives/coronavirus/testing-locations.page or MIA COVID Test.

Link to the Curative company which offers the COVID-19 PCR test for free. Results within 24 to 36 hours.


Official website of the Department of Health for the Keys.

– PHILADELPHIA: Here is the interactive map of COVID 19 testing sites.

Philadelphia International Airport Test Center

The price is $ 70 for antigen testing and $ 130 for PCR testing.

Link to all measures on safety and health conditions in Philadelphia.

– STATE OF WASHINGTON: We invite you to consult the King County site, or directly on that of Curative to take a test in Seattle.

Be careful, in most cases, you have to make an appointment, but it can be for the same day.

And since December 6, 2021, the American Government is asking all travelers over 2 years old arriving in the United States, a negative test dating less than 24 hours before departure, whether these travelers are vaccinated or not. We therefore invite all French travelers to perform a viral screening test (PCR or Antigen) within 24 hours before their departure, whether they are leaving from France or from another country. If the traveler has recently had COVID, official proof of recovery within 90 days will be required. In addition, a certificate certifying that this information is correct will be requested from all passengers.

For any other questions regarding the opening of borders and entry conditions, please send an email to infos@office-tourisme-usa.com or contact the United States Embassy in France.